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Information about Llin Llin and Esperanza Medical Brigades

From Anja Himmels and Verena Langerbeins We came to Ecuador with the idea to glance a bit of the life and culture of nativ... follow »

Evaluation of Chakras'Biodiversity project

Taking advantage of the end of the school year of Colta area's institutes, with whose Ayuda Directa and Cemoplaf have si... follow »

Nutrition debates

Our last activity within the convention signed between Cemoplaf, Ayuda Directa and institutes of Colta's area was to pro... follow »

Visits to Salinas de Bolívar

Salinas community, located in Bolívar's area, is since 1970 supported by foreign volunteers and Salesian Mission,... follow »

LA NUEVA UNION - Big party for the inauguration of the classroom

The classroom multi-usage is ready, quite big and adaptable to different activities. This room will be used every day by the ... follow »

Days in the jungle with kids from La Esperanza and Cochaloma

In order to finish the theatre project , we went with 24 kids from the communities of La Esperanza and Cochaloma for few days... follow »

Benefit Gig

On the 26t of May 2010 in Bormio (Sondrio) a gig was done to the benefit of Ayuda Directa. More than 200 people participated.... follow »

"24th of May"

On the 24th of May in Ecuador we remember Pichincha battle, in which the forces for independence fought against Spanish milit... follow »

Observation day to milk factory

Thanks to a contact in the Marco Foundation (Foundation for Rural Action and Cooperation) located in Riobamba we managed to d... follow »

Bioinsecticides preparation

Continuing with activities of the agreement between Ayuda Directa, Cemoplaf and 8 schools of Colta's area today we did t... follow »

Debate about sexual education in Cagrín

Today we've organized a debate about sexual education in Cagrín Community in Colta's area. Debate was ini... follow »

Medical Brigade in Esperanza

A Medical Brigade came to La Esperanza, Colta's area with the collaboration of Cemoplaf, a doctor volunteering and two G... follow »

LA NUEVA UNION - New Union project goes forward

In the past two months were done several steps forward in the project co-financed by Bolzano's Province. In other thi... follow »

Activities to recollect founds 2010

-On April the 23rd of 2010 - Presentation of Ayuda Directa in Premana (Lecco - Italy) -On June the 27th of 2010 - "Wa... follow »

Medical Brigade in Llin LLin

The Medical Brigade came to Duchicela Shyri XII ' institute, located in the Llin LLin community, Colta's area. This... follow »

Delivery of an electric pump in Pulucate's secondary school

Thanks to the funds collected by the employees of Imat S.p.A. (Italy) was acquired and installed an electric pump that will b... follow »

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